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Little Roo's Day Nursery, Lake End Road, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, SL6 0QH

Little Roo's Day Nursery Little Roo's Day Nursery

Jumping Roos

Up to 24 Months

A caring and nurturing room for our youngest children. We will ensure your child settles well into the nursery from the onset, focussing on providing a comfortable and safe yet stimulating environment. A home away from home! The room provides a generously sized and brightly decorated environment with consideration placed towards the development of each child. The chilldren have freedom to explore with sensory items.

Sleep times are well managed and routines based on the childs requirements implemented to ensure a bright and active day for each baby.

Little Explorer's

24-36 Months

We motivate your child to learn. Social skills are enhanced and team play encouraged. Your child will be learning numbers and letters whilst their speech and vocabulary will be advancing. Interaction with technology as well as with traditional arts and crafts will be encouraged as the children continue to develop as toddlers. Event sequencing is nurtured so for instance, after tidy up time the children sit for an action time song or after tea the children will wash their hands and go out to play. Provision is made for sleep time if your child needs a rest. We have quiet time set aside during the day also, enabling the little ones to enjoy gentle music or inset puzzles.

Big Kanga's and Treetops

36-60 Months

Your child will be preparing for later school life. Education within the structure of the Early Years Framework is used. Social skills are further enhanced and your child will have her own individual personality and confidence to contribute within the room. Of course, education is combined with care and attention to every child as they continue to explore arts, music, dance and technology. The day commences with group discussion involving each childs ideas and opinions. The well planned day offers opportunity for individual and group learning. Our curriculum ensures that the seveb key areas of development are fully covered and children have individual assessments at least every three months to record progress and discussed during parent evenings.