Little Roos Marlow

Little Roos Marlow operates from a single storey building within the grounds of Foxes Piece School, close to the centre of Marlow, Buckinghamshire.


We are proud of our outdoor area because it provides a wealth of experiences for children. They act out their favourite stories. They choose who will be the big, medium or little Billy Goats and who is playing the troll prior to telling their story. Children are confident in recalling the repetitive phrases that promote their language, confidence and interest in books. Later they act out the story of the three little pigs, using the areas of the outdoors to represent the houses of straw, sticks and bricks. Children confidently chase one another and call out 'I will blow your house down' as they enjoy the experience. This is just one example of how we promote adventure, creativity, imagination and fun at Little Roos Marlow.

We ensure that our staff have a good understanding of the learning and development requirements for the Early Years Foundation Stage. They use their knowledge of the children they care for to plan effectively for activities and children's interests. All staff make thorough observations and assessments on the children, which means they can accurately plan for children's next steps. Consequently, overall, children have fun and are making good progress in their learning in relation to their starting points. Staff offer them a wide variety of toys, resources and activities that span all seven areas of learning. Overall, staff are confident in their teaching and interaction skills and can extend learning experiences appropriately.

Please contact us and arrange to come and see Little Roos Marlow and meet the staff to understand what we have to offer your child and you.

Little Roos Marlow
C/o Foxes Piece School
Newfield Road
Marlow SL7 1JW
01628 476 672
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